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Mia Hasanoff

Mia Hasanoff

Mai Hasanoff

Mia is a passionate and energetic Graduate Speech Language Pathologist at First Choice Allied Health working with a varied caseload, spanning the lifespan. She is greatly interested in language and disability. She has a passion for paediatric and adult literacy, language and speech.

She strives to provide her clients with the best possible intervention, with sound evidence basis and effectiveness, while making therapy fun and enjoyable. She enjoys working with people from all ages and backgrounds, helping them find and use their voice (verbally or otherwise) to express themselves.

She has a passion for adult swallowing difficulties, striving to help adults with swallowing discomfort or complications find strategies to help make meal-times enjoyable and social. Mia draws form a range of clinical experiences and is always eager and willing to learn.

Mia is trained in parent coaching, having completed the Hanen Parent Coaching Program in October 2021. She has attended numerous professional development session in a arrange of treatment areas, including pragmatic (social) language, Colourful Semantics, and Trauma and Disability.

She has numerous hobbies, ranging from arts and crafts, to roller skating and cycling. She is a lover of good coffee, great food, comedies, and spending time at the beach with friends and family.