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Achieve Your Optimal Wellbeing

Unlock Your Full Health Potential.

Located just 15 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, First Choice Allied Health has proven results for diagnosis, treatment, pain relief, & recovery. A certified NDIS provider, we have fair & transparent pricing and ultra-modern medical facilities.

  • We are An Accredited NDIS Provider
  • Our Allied Health Professionals Are Qualified & Experienced
  • We Are Dedicated To Provide High Quality Care & Support

Speech Pathology

We are committed to helping you or your child with their communication skills

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists help you achieve optimal wellbeing, enabling you to participate in everyday life.


Our Psychologists treat children and adolescents to create positive change in their lives, using a collaborative and holistic approach.

Why choose First Choice Allied Health?

First Choice Allied Health is proud to be represented by a team of certified professionals providing an extensive variety of treatments, including Occupational therapy, Speech pathology and Psychology We are a certified NDIS provider and assist patients in the CBD, Ascot Vale and surrounding areas.

486 Mt Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

We are open from 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

If you are with Medicare or private health insurance, please give us call at (03) 9687 2365 for more details.  

Yes we are certified NDIS providers. We can also assist you in organizing your documents and referrals through your doctor.  

If you have NDIS funding for Capacity Building (Improved Daily Living), you can access our Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, and Psychology services at no out-of-pocket expense to you. Services are charged at the current standard NDIS price per hour.  

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What are the signs of Sensory Processing Disorder?

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How Can Speech Pathology Help Teenagers?

How Can Speech Pathology Help Teenagers?

Speech pathologists work with individuals across their lifespan and this includes the often complex teenage years.

10 Tips to Support Your Teenager's Mental Health

10 Tips to Support Your Teenager's Mental Health

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