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Get your summer feet ready – treat those ingrown toenails

Part of the fun of Summer involves exposing our feet to the outside world. But for some people experiencing foot-related problems the idea of the world seeing our feet is not an exciting prospect!

Is my lower back pain Sciatica or Bursitis?

The signs of Sciatica include pain that originates from the lower back and radiates down one or both legs. But there are other conditions that mimic some of the symptoms of Sciatica, such as Bursitis.

The Two Most Common Causes of Neck And Back Pain – And How to Avoid Injury Working From Home

A must read if you are working from home – how to avoid the most common back injuries.

Speech Pathology & Allied Health Footscray

Speech Pathology & Language Therapy in Melbourne Speech therapy is the initial assessment and ongoing treatment of all manner of speech disorders and communication problems. Speech therapy may be required for speech issues that develop from early childhood or...

Podiatry & Allied Health Footscray

Podiatry Treatment & Podiatrists In Footscray, Melbourne It’s very easy to take for granted how important our feet are for every day of our lives. However, it is estimated that our feet take us well over 100,000 kilometres in an average lifetime. Add to that how...

Physiotherapy & Allied Health Footscray

Professional & Specialist Physiotherapists in Footscray, Melbourne Physiotherapy is a healthcare practice that is medically recognised to improve the overall functionality of joints and muscles. Physiotherapy can also assist with pain relief by applying physio...

Occupational Therapy & Allied Health in Melbourne

Occupational Therapy & Functional Assessment in Melbourne Occupational therapy is often required whenever someone is having difficulty in carrying out all manner of normal, everyday tasks, whether due to permanent physical disability, accident, injury, or mental...

Melbourne Professional & Specialist Allied Health

General Allied Health Melbourne – Put Your Feet In Expert Hands At First Choice Allied Health, our multi-disciplinary team of Allied Health professionals provide various services for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of a wide range of clinical and medical...

Leading Allied Health Offering a Variety of Services in Footscray

When it comes to foot-related conditions, individuals in Footscray and the surrounding areas have turned to the specialists at First Choice Allied Health to find the right treatment for their conditions. Their prestigious centre boasts the best team of specialists who...

New Choice For Residents’ Physiotherapy Footscray and Podiatry Footscray Treatment

Footscray, VIC – First Choice Allied Health is one of the only holistic health clinics that deliver full health services in Footscray, VIC, and the surrounding areas. It provides high-quality podiatry, physiotherapy, speech pathology, occupational, and massage...

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