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Get your summer feet ready – treat those ingrown toenails

Feet in Sand

Part of the fun of Summer involves exposing our feet to the outside world. But for some people experiencing foot-related problems the idea of the world seeing our feet is not an exciting prospect!

At First Choice Allied Health, we are well-experienced with the full gamut of foot conditions and we are here to help you resolve any issues you have – be that pain or concerns about the appearance of your feet. Our podiatrist Andrew has provided some information below on ingrown toenails – a painful and persistent complaint he sees very often.

Ingrown Toenails, or “Onychocryptosis”

An ingrown toenail is a common, painful condition frequently seen in the big toenail. The condition is caused by the pressure of the nail edge into the skin of the toe. Inflammation occurs once the edge of the nail breaks through the skin and may progress into an infection. Athletes commonly suffer from the condition, as do wearers of improper (usually too tight) shoes.

What is the treatment for ingrown toenails?

After evaluating your foot we may choose a conservative approach which would involve soaks, elevation, proper nail cutting, and good foot hygiene.
If the problem is severe or recurrent, a minor toenail procedure will be undertaken to minimise the chance of the condition worsening or reappearing.

A local anesthetic can be used if required. Should there be signs of infection we would prescribe antibiotics. All these treatments can take place in the comfort of our Footscray clinic.

Please call our clinic on (03) 9687 2365 if you think we could help you with this, or any other foot-related problem you may have.

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